VIHC In general 


Participation is open for all riders that were evaluated with a minimum score of 6.0 in any test in a World Ranking (WR) competition or at a competition that was organised according to FEIF Sport Rules and Regulations (previously FIPO).

Participants can be asked to give proof when and where they got this score, when requested by the organisation.        


Participants living in countries where no WR or official competitions are organised, are excused from this rule and are free to join the contest, but have to contact the organisation via e-mail ( before entering. 


Registration is open for horses that are at least 5 years old. 


A video should contain one horse and one test. Participants can enter as many videos and / or tests as they like, as long as there is only one combination as well as one test per video.  

A horse can hypothetically be entered in all tests, but only once per test and only with one rider. 


One competition entry (one video, with one horse and one test) costs € 17,-, entries will only be judged after payment is received.

For every entry the organisation will donate € 5,- to the prize money


All horse equipment of the horse should be according to FEIF Rules & Regulations (2018)

The rider must wear a riding helmet at all times.


This competition is of course meant for healthy and sound horses.