VIHC Competition Rules and Regulations


  • Start date 20-03-2020

  • End date 20-08-2020, 23.59 hours 


  • Participant is the person that is the rider in the video

  • The participant is riding an Icelandic horse that is registered in Worldfengur

  • The participant gives his name, address and e-mail as well as the name and WF registration number of the horse that is in the video by entering via the ‘Joining the competition’ form; this information will only be used for and this contest

  • The participant pays the participation fee and uploads a video with the upload button

  • The participant should wear a helmet at all times in the video and dress appropriately for the occasion

  • The participant can enter the same horse in all tests, but only once in each test, the horse can only enter with one participant

  • The participant is allowed with different horses

  • By entering a video the participant agrees to the VIHC Competition Rules and Regulations

  • Staff members of VIHC  are excluded of participation in this contest

  • By participating in this competition the participant agrees to cooperate with – eventual – promotional activities in connection with this competition


  • The horse that is seen in a video should at least be 5 years old   ( <  2015)

  • The horse that is seen in a video should be registered in Worldfengur

  • A horse can only be seen with one participant 

  • The harness of the horse has to be according to FEIF Sport Rules 

Minimum requirements to participate                             ​

  • The horse that is shown in the video has to be at least 5 years old ( < 2015)

  • The participant has paid the participation fee of € 17,- per video / per test






  • In this link ( the requirements for making the video are described, a video has to be made according to these requirements to qualify for entering into the contest

  • The video was made in 2019 or 2020

  • The video was not made on of for another contest or competition and cannot hold video footage that was judged or evaluated earlier

  • The video will be judged until September 27th 

  • The video can be altered slightly, but only in contrast and colour corrections 

  • The video has to be in a digital format and has to be HD 

  • The video can (but does not have to) be sent in ,with accompanying music, but this music has to be free of rights; in the ‘music’ section of this website ( there are several pieces of music available that are free of rights and can be used to accompany the video

  • The video has to be of exclusively original material, commissioned by the participant

  • The video cannot have names, written words, frames or other extra’s and of course cannot include inappropriate footage; whether there is inappropriate footage in a video is exclusively to the decision of VIHC 

  • Videos that are not produced according to these rules and regulations can be excluded without a refund of the participation fee

  • All videos that are entered into the competition will be – publicly - accessible through the VIHC website and the VIHC YouTube channel

  • With entering a video in the competition the participant states that the video can be used by VIHC for the purpose of the competition and for - eventual - online promotional purposes

  • The (editorial) responsibility for content and design of the video on the website of VIHC and or the YouTube channel of VIHC lies exclusively by VIHC 

  • VIHC can decide to refuse or pull back a video if publishing comes into conflict with the interests of VIHC, VIHC can never be held accountable for any damage that may come from pulling back or refusing a video


  • Each video will be individually judged according to FEIF Sport rules by three internationally accredited FEIF sport judges

  • The score and evaluation of the judges is binding 

  • Participants get the result of the judges evaluation per e-mail

Participation fee

  • The fee for participating in this contest is € 17,- per video that is sent in to VIHC

  • Of this participation fee € 5,- goes into the prize money for the test that the video was sent in for

  • Of this participation fee € 1,- goes to the project Tree Plantation in the Dogon Vallee in Mali (

  • Videos will only be judged if the participation fee has been paid and arrived in the account NL53INGB0005893659, BIC code INGBNL2A, to V. van Praag Sigaar, Noord Sleen, The Netherlands



  • Price money depends on the number of applicants 

  • In each class €5,- per participant will be added to the prize pool 

  • Money prizes will be paid to the account number that was used to pay the participation fee

  • Any cost, taxes etc. that comes from winning prize money will be the responsibility of the winner

  • Prize money that is not accepted by the winner will be donated to the project (

  • There is also a separate contest for young riders (riders under 21), with only a first prize

  • Young riders (riders under 21) will get a prize according the rules off there country


Personal data

  • VIHC will use personal data from the participant because he/she participates in this contest and because the participant enters these data via the ‘Joining the Competition’ form. By entering these data the participant agrees with the use of the data.

  • VIHC will use the following data:

.    the first and last name of the participant

.    the address of the participant

.    the phone number of the participant

.    the e-mail address of the participant

.    the IP-address of the participant

.    the account name and number of the participant

  • VIHC will use these data only on behalf of this contest and only for the duration of the competition 

  • VIHC will use these personal data only in accordance with European privacy rules and regulations

  • If a participant has any question about the use of the entered personal data, please send an e-mail to:

Permission and liability

  • The participant is the rightful owner of the horse in the video, or the owners of the horse on the video and the rider of the horse agree with this video being placed on the VIHC website , YouTube and/or any other medium

  • The participant has permission from the one that made the video to enter this video in this contest

  • By participating in this contest, the participant states that he/she will not hold VIHC and or its staff members responsible for claims, losses and or damage that may come from entering this contest as well as from the acceptance, use, misuse or possession of the prize money that was won with this contest

  • VIHC is not liable for videos or personal data getting lost (in cyberspace)

  • If, for whatever reason, this competition does not go as planned, because of infection by computers viruses, bugs, worms, Trojan Horses, fraud, technical problems or other reasons that VIHC has no control over and that influence the administration, security, honesty, integrity or the course of the contest, VIHC reserves the right to cancel, end, adjust or delay the competition. If VIHC decides to cancel or end the competition, VIHC keeps the rights to the videos that were sent in, as is stated in these competition rules

  • In the case of a cancellation or premature ending of the competition VIHC will refund each participant (if not disqualified or excluded) the participation fee minus € 10,- per video to cover costs

  • Any complaints with regard to this competition can be sent via e-mail to:


To these VIHC Competition Rules and Regulations Dutch Law is applicable