VIHC Video

Send in your video: how it should be done

Your video has to be sent via WeTransfer, in the WeTransfer message, you should state the name of the rider, the name and FEIF registration number of the horse and the test that is shown. 

The upload button can be found in the entry form

Filming: how it should be done

1. Start filming the horse from the side, as shown in the demonstration video.

2. The horse and rider should be completely visible at all times. 

3. Do not film from too close or too far.

4. Take the light into consideration. Don't film with backlight but use the sun in your favour instead.

5. You can film anywhere you want. It can be indoors, outdoors, on the beach, or whatever location you would like.

6. The filmed track must be even and straight (curves will not be judged).  

7. Please film in HD quality and keep your camera as steady as possible, shaky and blurry videos can't be judged. 

8. You don't need to introduce yourself and your horse in the video, we just want to see you ride. 

9. We are hosting a serious contest. You can wear anything you like, but please keep it civil and covered.

10. Don't send in old video footage and/or footage that was judged on another contest. Your video has to be produced in 2019 or 2020.

11. Each gait shown should be at least 10 seconds and the total time of the test should not exceed 2 minutes.

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