Our Team.

The team behind this Virtual Championship. We are all volunteers, eager to see this happening grow into a worldwide community. 

Vera van Praag Sigaar

Vera is the founder of this online competition. With her never ending enthusiasm and firm belief in this project , she knew she had to mobilise a team of volunteers to help bring her dream to life!  She lived in Iceland for 4 years, to learn about the life, breeding and training of the horse.

Luka Klaassens

Luka is helping with the advertising on social media. 

Ingrid Weijers

For all your contacts and text

Robert van den 

If you join, be sure to read the legal disclaimer Robert has provided! 

Steffi Svendsen

Our promotional rider with her own private beach and helpful crew

Peter & Anja NH001 (35)_bewerkt.jpg
Anja Eijzenga

Spidress in the web (-site) trying to relieve Vera of worries, timestress and creator of this website in WIX

Manuela Bikbergen

Manuela helps with sponsorcontracts, regulations, practical ideas of the whole contest. 

Camille Breukhoven

Camille is one of Vera's oldest friends. She helps with the site.

Nils-Christian Larsen 

No introduction needed, thanks for your time and enthusiasm

Pim van der Sloot

Our guide when it comes to what to film and what not to film

Remco Pool

Father of Vera, besides that very useful in giving good advice and he helps Vera to destress